Improving tertiary pathways by improving support for prospective students

Professor Karin Barovich (University of Adelaide)

Deputy Executive Dean, Faculty of Sciences
Department of Earth Sciences, School of Physical Sciences
University of Adelaide

Professor Karin Barovich is a teaching and research academic in the School of Earth and Environmental Sciences. She was employed as a level A Associate Lecturer in 2002, and subsequently has been promoted to full professor effective in 2014. She obtained her PhD in Geochemistry from the University of Arizona in 1991. She also obtained a Graduate Diploma in Secondary School Education from the University of Adelaide in 2001. This latter degree has given her hands-on teaching experience in the high school sector.

With 12 years of work with undergraduate students at the Adelaide, she has had a long association with the topic of the first year experience of students in STEM areas. Prof Barovich was the Faculty’s inaugural Associate Dean (First Year Experience), leading to a number of initiatives in first year learning and teaching that have significantly and measurably improved student transition to university study.

Prof Barovich has obtained both university and national competitive funding in the area of the first year experience and has received two ALTC awards. She was part of the Project Committee on 2009-2011 ALTC project CG9-1158, A Collaborative Multi-faceted Approach to Address the Gaps Between Student Expectation and Experience at University.

Professor Barovich’s interest and professional excellence in the areas of STEM and transition will greatly contribute to meeting the project’s objectives.

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