Improving tertiary pathways by improving support for prospective students


Secondary Schools – The project will generate improved understandings of the prospective student experience that will be helpful for secondary school counsellors and teachers involved with students and families as they make decisions about higher education

Project deliverables will be designed to enrich existing support structures and outcomes will contribute to SACE improvement by providing evidence-based strategies for supporting student development in the transition from secondary to tertiary studies. The project findings will invite new opportunities for building professional capacity that supports career development learning/student development across a range of secondary school contexts.

Universities – The project findings will inform tertiary institution and government policy, and augment the body of knowledge on prospective students referred to by the tertiary sector. The findings will be relevant for outreach, recruitment/marketing, and admission practitioners, learning and teaching advocates, and administrators in higher education.

The project will contribute positively and tangibly to student attainment and has the potential to influence widening participation priorities and goals that have been set nationally. It will address issues of retention and success that concern all Australian universities by offering evidence for enhancing established recruitment strategies that support prospective students’ development.

Ultimately, a potential expansion of services provided to prospective students as a result of this project could encourage more people to apply to university and more to attain a credential.

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