Improving tertiary pathways by improving support for prospective students

Project Plan

Stage One reviewed current practice at universities and secondary schools in South Australia. This stage explored and reported on how Year 12 students are supported as they make decisions about post-school opportunities and what program to study at university. During the first phase, websites and resources were reviewed, and staff from three Adelaide universities were interviewed. Phase two involved the review of resources and websites published by national and state government agencies. The third phase involved a broad survey of secondary school staff followed by interviews with a smaller selection of secondary school staff.

Stage Two examined the ways in which Year 12 students determine what to study after high school, and how they experience the Study Choice process.  The team conducted a survey in August 2016 aimed at all Year 12 Students enrolled in SA high schools.

In Stage Three, findings were used to develop a process model and a learning framework to shape developmental support resources for Year 12 students to make decisions about what to study at university.

During Stage Four, the results and outcomes of the project were communicated in a final report and shared via presentations to stakeholders.

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